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Etanoldax V1

Including external temp sensor

2 Channels 1250 SEK - Article code EDAX 1-2

4 Channels 1500 SEK - Article code EDAX 1-4

6 Channels 1750 SEK - Article code EDAX 1-6

8 Channels 1850 SEK - Article code EDAX 1-8


Etanoldax V2

Including external temp sensor

6 Channel 1995 SEK - Article code EDAX 2-6

Cabinet 180 SEK - Article code EDAX 2-CAB


Injector connector Bosch EV-1

Female 50 SEK / each - Article code EV1-FEMALE

Male 50 SEK / each - Article code EV1-MALE


We offer services of manufacturing wiring harnesses according to your specifications

Price according to agreement


Mail your order to: order@etanoldax.se

3 year warranty

on all Etanoldax modules.


We offer free repair within three years on all Etanoldax modules, if the unlikely case occours that your module needs factory service.

Please read the instruction how to handle a warranty issue.

IMPORTANT! Always contact Etanoldax prior sending warranty returns to us.