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E85 conversion

Why convert your fuel injection engine for Ethanol (E85) use?


With increased gasoline prices and climate in focus, we are a crowd of people who have converted our cars for use together with Ethanol (E85) use. This has lead to many kinds of discussions and arguments, both from a politic and technical point of view.

We still believe that we must do everything we can, in order to lower the use of fossil fuel, to help our climate.

Your kids and their kids all deserve a healthy planet to grow and live on.

There is actually one thing you can do right away - convert your car for Ethanol use.

A conversion normally result in lower fuel costs over time, even though you will need to fuel up more often. Remember that the engine will consume about 30% extra fuel compared to gasoline. As if this wasn't enough, many people reports they feel the engine has got extra life in terms of power and torque, especially on lower R.P.M's.


There are many different kits available to accomplish this, some better and some worse. Our faith is that you probably want to maximize the performance of your conversion. You may have a special injector wiring harness or connectors. There are a few decisions to figure out before you start the project. You may want to mount the electronics inside the driver's compartment or under the hood. You may want to built it inside the car's ECU or under the hood.

Why be satisfied with a generic so called "plug and play" unit with unknown performance? When it's possible to customize according to your own needs.

We also offer services of manufacturing a harness or control panel according to your specifications.

We have seen many examples of designs that tend to use low quality components and can not withstand the extreme enviroment a car can expose to electronics. We have designed our products according to automotive standards, done the right kind of decisions to develop a product that are compatible with everything from extreme cold, to excessive engine heat.

The number one product specification for our electronic units are - quality and reliabilty. Typical Swedish approach.







What do I need to buy?

What do I need to know and what do I need to buy - to succeed with my conversion?


Many of today's electronic fuel injection systems use so called "sequential fuel injection". This means that fuel are being injected into the engine in a sequence of separately controlled injectors. This demands the same number of channels on the Etanoldax module. In other words, a four cylinder engine with sequential injection requires an Etanoldax module with a minimum of four channels. Of course you might install a six channel module and keep two channels in rest, until the day you purphase another car with a six cylinder engine. There are some engines with so called "central injection" or "single point" injection. Those engine will need only one channel.

The new Etanoldax V2, our latest creation, comes with a full pack of features including lambdacontrolled fuel calculation . It features six fully independent channels of fuel extension processing and clean power injector drivers.

The Etanoldax module is naturally an essential part of the conversion. Then you can choose to buy a cabinet for the module in case you want to increase the protection against dirt and moisture. We offer a suitable and adapted cabinet for easy install. You may want to mount injector connectors on your wiring harness to make the conversion really simple. We also sell injector connectors, and can assist you in your project in designing a compatible harness or if you want to have it ready-made, there is no problem either.

Besides, when buying an Etanoldax module you get two (2) years of product warranty. You can reach us either by mail or phone during business hours in questions regarding the installation or other questions.